This Portfolio is intended to showcase my design works and explorations. All work featured, is of my own doing and does not contain any other persons work. These works may not be distributed or copied without my consent. All rights reserved including the rights of reproduction and use in any form, printed, written, oral or by any means, including the making of copies by any print, photo process or by any electronic or mechanical device. All artworks, textual content and specific photos displayed on this portfolio are copyrighted to the companies / persons they have been designed for and may not be used unless authorised via written permission by the respective companies / persons.


The portfolio also includes the design explorations done as a live or hypothetical classroom projects in D J Academy of Design, Coimbatore, and Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay. Any content other than the final artwork may refer to various resources which should be considered as a part of design learning without any commercial intend.

A few portion of the work shown in the portfolio, was created while I was a designer working in an advertising and graphic design firm. While I consider the pieces that I’ve shown to largely be a result of my concepts and design, however, as is always the case of working in a collaborative environment, I cannot take 100% credit for the final product.

The art and photos used in many of my portfolio pieces are stock photos or belong to their respective deviant art or artists. I do not claim any ownership or take credit for such images. They are only used as a reference or sample art to explain the particular work in layout and design.


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